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New Decor Transfers


We have new transfers!  Check them (Hello Baby, Cheetah & Poppy).  Also, new designs will be released by Prima Redesign within the next two weeks.  Stay tuned!

Check them out in our Etsy store.

Love Decoupage?


We have large size papers made expressly for furniture.  Each sheet is 20 x 30" and they are gorgeous! 

See all the designs on our decor site:



I love the brilliant color and quality of these transfers and how they can easily totally transform your decor.  It can really move a piece from old and boring to young and gorgeous in minutes!  You should have received my 'how to apply' instructions in your package.  Definitely give it a good read before you open your transfer. 

You can use these transfers on a variety of surfaces such as furniture, walls, doors, metal, fabric, lamp shades, glass, mirrors, etc.  It works best on a surface that thas "teeth" - meaning its not slick like a varnished surface.  If the surface is varnished, give it a light buff with sand paper for the best adhesion.


Important Note #1: Do not separate the two transfer sheets until you are ready to apply.  The plastic sheet with the design can stick immediately to some surfaces so you may inadvertently connect it with an unintended area.  

Important Note #2: If the transfer is not transferring - use more pressure when burnishing with the tool.  I move the tool horizontally and then vertically.  Then I raise the plastic just a little to check my work and then  lay it back down to continue.  Transferring words tends to take a little ore time as each letter is generally its own sticker. 


Important Note #3: Definitely apply a protective seal AFTER you have applied the transfer.  Use a quality WATER BASED sealer such as wax or polycrylic, etc.  However, don't use Dixie Belle's Gator Hide.  I hear that it will strip the transfer off.


Important Note #4: Be careful on mirrors/glass as the transfer sticks immediately.  So spend extra time with the backing on to layout exactly where you want the Transfer to be positioned.  I use low tack tape to mark the edges of the transfer so when I lay it down its in the right spot.  So know that on glass you will not be able to move it around once laid - like you can with wood.  Just be careful.  If you feel you can't be exact, I would suggest cutting up the transfer and lay it in pieces.


Important Note #5: The real fun comes with creating your own design.  Cut the transfer and move images around on your surface - or just use a few pieces and save the rest for other projects.

Important Note #6: After you have applied the transfer, use a clean dry cloth to smooth over the surface to make sure the edges are lying flat.  Now you are ready to seal.  BTW sealing is optional if the piece will not be handled frequently.  But as a rule, I personally always seal.  I generally use a wax but I do use a matte polycrylic for a surface that will be heavily used like a desk or a dinner table.  Everyone has their own ways of doing things - you will find yours.

Here are some really short videos on how to apply a Transfer.

More videos can be viewed here.


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