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Tommy Art Side Table Makeover

Side Table Makeover

With the easily mixable colors, a poorly painted treasure from a flea market can be transformed. In this tutorial, Lori Craig rescues a unique side table that had fallen prey to poor quality paint, then demonstrates how she mixed two Tommy Art colors to achieve the look she desired.


Chippy bristle brush

Cotton cloth - old t-shirts work great!

Popsicle stick or paint stir

Tommy Art Jade Green Mineral Color

Tommy Art Petroleum Mineral Color

Tommy Art Neutral Wax

Soft bristle brush

Flea market find

A year or so ago I picked up this functional side table at a local flea market. I loved the size, the shelves and the fact that it was on wheels, but in the spirit of shabby chic, someone had given it a terrible paint job.

Assessing the mess

Fortunately, I knew that Tommy Art would not require any sanding of the cabinet and it would be the perfect one-coat coverage paint to take this project from shabby to shine in just a few hours.

Mixing colors

I really wanted something that leaned a little green (than blue) and would look nice with the wheat painting hanging in my entry. Because Tommy Art paint products are all of the same base material, colors mix beautifully together. Mixing allows for creative expression, and it’s easy and fun!  

For this project I chose Jade Green with the addition of several large drops of Petroleum. Be sure to stir each color well before you start mixing!

When mixing colors, it’s important to use your shade (darker) or tint (lighter) color sparingly from the start. You can always add more, but it’s difficult to lighten or darken if you’ve added too much of either. I started with small “dollops” of color using disposable popsicle sticks in the plastic portion cup, stirring after each addition of the darker Petroleum. After a little experimenting, I knew the ratio for my desired rich blue-green color was 7 parts Jade Green and 2 parts Petroleum Blue.

Tip: This cabinet is 41” wide and 36” tall, and I was able to paint the entire surface with one 140 ml jar of Jade Green mixture. Be sure to mix enough paint prior to starting to ensure color match across the surface of the entire project.

Simple technique

The actual painting process with Tommy Art paints is easy. Long smooth strokes with a paint-loaded, soft bristle brush. The soft bristles allow for a smooth, rich coat of saturated color, with very minimal brush strokes.

Allow the paint to dry thoroughly. (TIP: Feel painted surface with the back of your hand. If paint feels cool to the back of your hand, it is still wet). When dry, apply Tommy Art Neutral Wax to painted surfaces with a natural bristle, chippy brush for thicker application, allow wax to rest until it is not tacky to touch. Buff wax with a soft cotton cloth. Allow to cure over 24 hour period.


Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed this post and try your hand at these transfers-they are so fun to use.

Tommy Art Paint is coming to our store, Georgia Vintage., soon.

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