3D Stencils: Add Easy Elegance To Your Decor

Our 3D stencils are laser cut of heavy mylar. This makes them durable and will make them last and last. These are not the standard stencils that you will find in craft stores. They are thick with deep cutouts to produced stunning and crisp raised designs that look just like molded decor. Our medium of choice is to use paste but you can also use a water based paint with the stencils. Some folks also use spray paint.

Tools Needed

* 3D Stencil* Stencil Paste (or chalk paste, joint compund, spackle, embossing cream, decorative cement, etc.)

* Spatula (or use spread pals, a pallet knife, trowel or old credit card, etc.)

* Toothpick (or other thin implement to touch up design.)

Step One: Tape the stencil to the furniture, wall, ceiling, cabinet or piece you wish to beautify.

Image credit: Victoria Larsen

Step Two: Smear the stencil openings with a medium such as 3D paste, chalk paste, pre-mixed joint compound (sold at stores such as home depot or Walmart). Tip: Don't apply pressure. You don't want to force the medium under the stencil.

To smear, use a flexible (but sturdy) scraper such as a spatula, old credit card or purchase one of our silicone scrapers.

Optional: You can tint your medium if you want to. Mix medium on a paper plate with the coloring such as water based paint or other tint.

Image credit: Victoria Larsen

Step Three: Un-tape the stencil and gently peel it back to reveal the raised design. Oooh ahhh!! beautiful!!!

Tip: Pull stencil off while the medium is still wet. If there are spots that are missed., carefully replace the stencil and apply more medium to areas needed. Clean up the design with a toothpick.

Step Four: Now is the time to wash your stencil. Trust me. Its so much easier when it is wet. Run it under water and use a cloth to wipe. Some people like to wipe them with baby wipes.

Image credit: Victoria Larsen

Step Five: Let the design dry completely. Drying times differ depending on how thick your medium is.

To bring out the detail even further:

* You can lay the transfer back over the design and paint areas in different colors to bring out the detail.

* Also you can paint over the entire stencil and wet distress to bring out detail (use a wet rag to remove excess.)

*Sand to create a smoother surface.

* Apply a wax over the design then use a rag to remove the excess.

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