What are Transfers?

Transfers are high resolution images that can be applied to a multitude of surfaces such as wood, walls, doors, metal, fabric, lampshades, pillows, mirrors, glass, etc. The transfers are easy to apply - it is just like rubbing on a tattoo.  There is no water, paint, glue or other substances needed.  The images are transferred by the motion of rubbing with an applicator stick that is supplied.


Can I use Prima Transfers for Multiple Projects

Yes.  You can cut out pieces and use anywhere on your current projects or apply pieces to new projects.  Once a transfer has adhered to a surface it cannot be used again.

How do I care for my Prima Transfer

It is recommended that you seal the design with a quality WATER BASED sealer like wax or polycrylic.  Either way, you can wipe transfers with a dry cloth.  If it is not sealed, do not wipe with any strong solvents.


Can your Transfers be used on mirrors/glass?

Yes.  Although it cannot be sealed so take care when cleaning.  Only use a dry cloth.

Can I layer Transfers?

Absolutely!  Transfers are very versatile.  For example you can use transfer images and layer our transfers with words either above or below the image transfer,

What if my Transfer does not adhere?

Prima Home Decor transfers will adhere to a variety of surfaces but it must be clean and dry.  Painted surfaces must be completely dry of the paint or it may lift when revealing the transfer..  For painted surfaces, you can lightly sand the area first for the best adhesion - this is optional.


Do I wax before or after applying the Transfer

Aways seal (make sure it is water-based) AFTER applying the Transfer.  Sealing should always be the last step of your project.

How can I remove the Transfer

You can carefully scrape the transfer off..  For mirrors or glass you can use window cleaner and then wipe for removal.

Can I put Transfers on textured surfaces?

Yes you can. Just be sure to rub into all of the  nooks and crannies. 

Do you sell internationally?


We only ship to US locations.  However, contact us and let us know where you are based and we will email a list of international Prima retailers.

Do you need to sand your pieces before painting?

For the most part Dixie Belle paint requires no prep.  Unless the pieces is extremely slick.  Then a primer like Slick Stick will create a strong adhesion for the paint.


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